U Visas

Have you ever been a victim of domestic violence, sexual abuse, or assault? Have you ever been threatened with a weapon, forced to work without pay, or held against your will? If you suffered substantial physical or mental abuse and you were helpful to the police or still can be, then a U visa may be for you.

The U-nonimmigrant visa was created for crime victims. The applicant must have been the victim of a recognized crime that occurred anytime in the United States. The victim must also agree to help the police in the investigation. Helping in a police investigation can be as little as offering your contact number or a statement to the police, but be ready to assist the police if they need additional assistance. The U-nonimmigrant visa is valid for four years, comes with a work permit, and offers a path to lawful permanent residency. The U-nonimmigrant visa also forgives most immigration and criminal violations. In addition, you can include certain family members in your application. If you have been the victim of a crime, and filed a police report, contact us to see if you are eligible for the U-nonimmigrant visa and to evaluate any risks your particular case may have in filing for the U non-immigrant visa.